“Parenting has taught me that I can go four days straight and not die”

Sarah Aslett is a pregnant part-time working mother of a three-year-old.

She’s says she is “always going to be a little bit fat” and her Up the Duff Diaries coupled with her honest confessions about going to work with toddler snot on her tights, riding through the McDonalds Drive Thru without a bra on and bringing up baby on a diet of Babybel have amassed her an impressive social media following. Here she spills the beans on her big bottom, sleep deprivation and hatred of “having it all”.


 What’s the hardest thing about being a mum?

I think the hardest thing is juggling it all and trying to get everything right. I don't think that's specific to Mums though. It’s the same for Dads as well. Trying to balance parenting and working and just day-to-day life is hectic and difficult a lot of the time.


What’s the best thing about being a parent?

For me the best thing about being a parent is finding out what a great little person we are raising. Our son is fast approaching four years old and he's suddenly got all these ideas and opinions and jokes to tell us, I just love it!


What’s your funniest parenting moment?

Probably when we took him to the first ultrasound for his new sister. We hadn't told him and we anticipated that he would be thrilled. Instead he couldn't have cared less and just asked when he would be getting his aforementioned Happy Meal!


How about a “kids say the darnest thing" quote?

"Mummy, when you sit down your big bottom makes the sofa go lower to the ground."

This was not even said as a joke - it was just his observation!


What is the one thing you never had that you want for your kids?

A Mr Frosty Ice Maker. I never got one of those - despite asking a hundred times!


You're in the supermarket with a full trolley and your baby starts crying frantically...what do you do?

I would just carry on shopping - I mean we need to eat right?

The only time I've left a shop mid-shopping is when my son threw a bottle of bright blue fabric softener all over the floor. I did let them know and apologised but in terms of shopping with him in that mood - that is definitely my limit!


What one piece of advice would you give to a new mum?

You know more than you think you know - a lot of it is just common sense. So trust your instincts and do what feels right to you as opposed to what other people might be telling you.


What has being a parent taught you?

That I can go four days straight without sleep and not die.


Have you ever been bullied for your parenting choices?

No not bullied, that's a bit strong. But as with everything in life, there is always someone who 'knows better' or 'has been there done that'. I think you just have to take everything with a pinch of salt and smile and nod and then just do it your way regardless!


Can you "have it all”?

Ugh! I hate this 'having it all' business. What does it mean? Who defined it? You have to decide on your own version of having it all and what that means to you. Whether that's working or parenting or both or whatever - then try and make that work for you and your family. 


Sarah Aslett recently reviewed British Baby Box. Here's the link http://admissionsofaworkingmother.com/british-baby-box



By Sarah Aslett
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