We believe all babies deserve the best start in life.  We have received an overwhelming number of enquiries from Baby Banks and Charities asking for our support. Many still use Moses baskets, so alongside our Baby Boxes we are now providing brand new Palm Moses Baskets dressed/undressed, which come with a mattress. We also supply Moses Baskets and Cot Bed Mattresses separately.

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Palm Baskets (prices include delivery and VAT)

Undressed Palm Moses Basket with Mattress – £23.40 (minimum order 20)
Dressed Palm Moses Basket with Mattress – £31.20 (minimum order 20)

Moses Basket Mattresses (prices include delivery and VAT)

£7.02 (minimum order 10)

74 x 28 x 3.0
65 x 28 x 3.0
65 x 30 x 2.5
70 x 28 x 2.5
75 x 30 x 2.5
68 x 30 x 2.5
67 x 30 x 2.5
65 x 30 x 3.0
70 x 28 x 3.0
75 x 30 x 3.0
68 x 30 x 3.0
67 x 30 x 3.0

We are able to provide any size mattress so please email us with your requirements.

Newborn Baby Box (minimum order 4)

New-born Baby Box with a luxury fitted mattress with washable cover, a 100% organic cotton fitted sheet and sturdy outer box for delivery.

£18.00 (prices include delivery and VAT)

We also offer a full range of 100% organic cotton baby clothing and other gorgeous gifts on our website www.britishbabybox.com/shop.

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We look forward to helping many more babies get the best start in life.