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Almost exactly a year ago we made our first sale. After six months of painful planning, meetings with manufacturers, design briefs, factory field trips, prototypes and a lot of patience, it seemed like a really massive landmark.
Fast forward 12 months and that fledgling business – the one that began over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table – is booming.
It’s taught us a lot – perseverance, self-belief and confidence and it has also made us grateful. To our families, our friends and the network of like-minded mums who have believed in us and our product from day one.
How it all began
The British Baby Box is a concept that puts a baby’s safety first and foremost and is founded on a 80-year-old Finnish tradition that believes all babies should be entitled to the best start in life.
Putting a baby to sleep in a Baby Box rather than a cot or Moses basket is thought to benefit babies’ health and help prevent sudden infant death syndrome.
In Finland, the Baby Box programme is widely believed to have been a significant factor in reducing Finland’s infant mortality rate to the 5th lowest in the world.
We decided to help champion this concept in Britain after falling in love with the idea behind it.
As two mothers who put our children before anything else, we knew that a product that kept a baby safe and snug was going to be a sure-fire hit.
We decided to give it a British twist by ensuring every element of our range was designed and manufactured in the UK.
Our beautiful British Baby Boxes provide babies with a comfortable, practical, portable and safe place to sleep.
They come in a unisex design, have a changing mat facility, fitted mattress with attached waterproof mattress cover and 100% organic cotton fitted sheet.
They also come in a range of different price options – designed to make it a concept that’s affordable to all.
How we have grown
We have grown organically in the last year to stock a range of Baby Box options, the simplest of which costs significantly less than your average cot or Moses basket.
We now offer four British Baby Boxes – Adorable, Cherish,Treasure and Luxury – stocked with an amazing selection of British products.
One of the keys to our success has been creating strong partnerships with other British brands who share our ethos.
These include Molly and Monty, Superlove Merino, GH Hurt & Son, NEOM, Pommade Divine, Z-O-E, Love Boo, Chiggs and Cheeky Chompers.
All of these have been sourced on home soil.
Word of mouth has helped our brand expand and the market has been extremely receptive to the idea causing rapid growth in the latter part of 2016.
Plans for expansion
As we have grown, we have looked for ways to spread the British Baby Box word.
We have launched a fantastic new website, increased our product range and partnered with several different charities – including Save The Children – to reach the most vulnerable mothers and babies in our society.
We have had a host of press coverage in recent months, had meetings with a number of retailers and are keen to explore opportunities for growth in 2017 and beyond.
We are currently designing a stand to work in conjunction with our Baby Box and are exploring other British brands to work with.
Next on our list of diary dates is The Baby Show at London’s Excel in March – an opportunity for us to showcase our range at the biggest baby expo in the UK.
It’s always a treat for us to meet our audience face-to-face and spread the baby love.
Thank you for being part of our journey. We look forward to great things in 2017 and beyond!