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This week we are championing Safer Sleep Week on behalf of the Lullaby Trust.
According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, the overall cot death rates for England and Wales show a 17% decline since 2013.
But Francine Bates, chief executive of The Lullaby Trust, said it was not time to be complacent.
"The results of this survey suggest that although we’ve come a long way in reducing SIDS rates, more needs to be done to ensure that all parents and carers know the basics of safer sleep,” she said.
“We must ensure safer sleep messages consistently reach all families and help us in our goal to prevent avoidable deaths now and in the future."
Here at British Baby Box, we have worked hard to integrate our messages with those that promote safer sleeping.
Our product is based on an initiative that has slashed infant mortality rates in Finland and our Baby Boxes are all produced to the highest specification.
Additionally, we include leaflets from the Lullaby Trust in all our Baby Boxes which provide useful advice on baby’s sleeping positions, clothing and room temperatures.
We appreciate that it might sound odd to some new mums to put their precious bundle to bed in what is essentially a cardboard box.
But studies have shown that putting a baby to sleep in a baby box rather than a cot or Moses’ basket can help reduce the causes associated with sudden infant death syndrome.
We want to inform and educate British parents on the idea and our company has created a range of options to make the concept affordable and accessible to all.
To mark Safer Sleep Week we have a special offer available – a free 100% organic cotton sheet with every Baby Box sold and 10% off orders if you subscribe to our mailing list.