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British Baby Box has successfully given a Scandinavian concept a homegrown twist which has helped it stand out in the UK market. Not only are the Baby Boxes created by British designers, but everything in them – from blankets, beanies and bibs to sleepsuits, sheets and scratch mittens – is sourced in the UK too. Here, in a special guest blog Zoe Knapman, from Molly & Monty talks about product, provenance and protecting delicate skin.
Newborn babies have extremely delicate skin which explains why so many of them suffer from blotches, redness and sensitivity.
Midwives tell new parents not to bathe their baby too often, to avoid soaps and shampoo packed full of chemicals and moisturise with something unperfumed.
But what should they be dressing their precious bundle in?

Keep it natural
Organic cotton is a natural fibre which is much softer than conventional cotton.
This is because the fibres have not been broken down by harsh pesticides.
It’s grown without the use of chemicals and with attention to the ecosystem and biodiversity as well as the health of the land and wildlife around it.
This makes it more environmentally-friendly, better quality and most importantly, safer for you and your baby.
After all, non-organic cotton is one of the most pesticide-laden crops in the world.
In fact, cotton covers 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land yet uses 16% of the world’s insecticides, more than any other single major crop.
And pesticides are poisons. So much so that thousands upon thousands of farmers, farmworkers and farm animals have been made seriously ill – even been killed – by pesticide poisoning.

Choose well
When you buy a Molly & Monty sleepsuit, bodysuit, blanket, beanie or bib, you will always be buying an organic product where no harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, pesticides or dangerous dyes are used.
All our clothes are made with natural, durable, ergonomic, 100% organic cotton – making them kind to a baby’s delicate skin.
Our cotton has not been broken down with chemicals so our clothing will last much longer than something non-organic. And it will always wash incredibly well.
About us
Like British Baby Box, Molly & Monty is a 100% British brand.
A product’s provenance is important because when you buy authentic British goods, manufactured by skilled craftsman using the finest materials, you are helping to keep these skills alive in the UK.
We have a range of great unisex designs – all featured on a clean, white background.
These include our elephant, stars, giraffes, tractors, whales and our brand new puppy dog.
In each of our designs you can purchase a long-sleeve bodysuit, short-sleeve bodysuit, sleepsuit, blanket, beanie and bib.
Please feel free to check out our classic range for sale here at British Baby Box….

You can find out more about the company and our other products (including the new puppy design) from our website www.mollyandmonty.com