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Yummy Tummies is a team of post-pregnancy exercise specialists dedicated to helping you get back into shape after giving birth.
When we were contacted by Lyndon at Yummy Tummies we were delighted to partner up. Susan & I have 6 children between us so we certainly understand what it feels like to become a parent and how it can change your body!!!! All of our British Baby Boxes now include a Yummy Tummies leaflet, but to help you know more, here is an extract from their website which shows how they can support you…
Are you a mum and want to get your body back but don’t know where to start?
Are you worried about doing certain exercises which may cause permanent damage to your body?
The whole process of becoming pregnant, giving birth and recovering afterwards is a big strain on the human body.
Post birth is still a hugely stressful time for most new mums. Placing undue stress on the body by wrong exercise and recovery selections may not be helpful at all. In some cases it may even make your whole recovery process a lot slower.
Why not place your trust in the experts at Yummy Tummies. We can guide you in your recovery process and help you to get your body back, give you more energy and make you feel like yourself again.
Head over to their ‘Start Here’ page at www.yummytummies.co.uk to get a better understanding of the best place to start.