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We are delighted to support the charity @_TakesaVillage_this month. Together we want to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all mothers. Find out how you can support mums all over the world from right here in the UK: https://bit.ly/2Tt0G0R

At @BritishBabyBox we believe every mother should feel excitement, not fear when pregnant. Click to here to check out options of how you can support mums to be around the world access vital healthcare: https://bit.ly/2Tt0G0R
This month we are featuring the charity @_TakesaVillage_in our Luxury Baby Box. Buy one today to hear how you can support this wonderful charity to provide essential healthcare to mums around the world: https://www.britishbabybox.com/product-page/luxury-box
We are united by motherhood- let’s make significant impact on maternal health around the world. Click here to find out how a charity baby shower could support mums to access vital obstetric care whilst giving birth: https://bit.ly/2Tt0G0R
Our new charity partner @_TakesaVillage_believes everyone should have access to healthcare during pregnancy and labour- we do too! Support by clicking here: https://bit.ly/2Tt0G0R
Give a personal donation to the charity @_TakesaVillage_this mother’s day in celebration of the birth of your baby or a friend’s baby. The donation will support another mother around the world to access vital healthcare:https://bit.ly/2Tt0G0R
Host a baby shower with our charity @_TakesaVillage_and donate to support mums-to-be to access trained local health workers during pregnancy and childbirth: https://bit.ly/2Tt0G0R
@BritishBabyBox is proud to be joining @_TakesaVillage_ this month to make pregnancy and child birth safe for every mother! How cool is their donkey ambulance that helps mums in remote areas across the world, to get to a health centre to give birth?!
Each day, 830 women die from preventable causes during pregnancy and childbirth. These women are not mere statistics. They are mums with names, faces and children. Click here to learn how you can make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother: https://bit.ly/2Tt0G0R