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At the end of 2019, British Baby Box had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Toto Care African Trust. Toto Care is a Charity that seeks to ensure both Mum and baby are kept safe during the neonatal period (28 days after birth). Having seen various BBC articles regarding ‘Why babies sleep in cardboard boxes’, Lucy Wambui was inspired to create the Toto Care Box tailored to Kenyan needs.
Across Africa 1 million babies are born each year, but sadly 40,000 newborns die each year. Heartbreakingly, 17 woman also die each day through pregnancy/birth related issues.
These statistics are shocking, so we begin our journey to understand how British Baby Box can help…. Toto Care’s mission statement is to provide 1 million Baby Boxes across Africa by 2022. We want to be part of this, so are hoping to provide Baby Boxes to those who so desperately need them.
Part of our strategy for 2020 will be talking to our suppliers and logistic companies to understand how we can make this happen. If you read this and would like help, please contact us today – hello@britishbabybox.com.
Every baby deserves the best start in life!