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Where does it come from?

The Baby Box was originally developed in Finland during the 1930’s as a social care measure to provide parents with childcare products, such as clothes, nappies and other articles, prior to the birth. After the baby is born, these articles are removed and the box itself is used as an alternative crib, as it also contains a mattress and sheet. Once the baby outgrows the Baby Box, it can be used for storing items or as a keepsake box.

Who uses baby boxes?

Baby boxes continue to be provided to parents in Finland and around the world, including the United Kingdom. Did you know that the Scottish Government provide Baby Boxes to all expectant parents? AND we are the very proud supplier of these! Welsh and Irish governments are also trialling the concept.


So why buy a British Baby Box?

They are…recyclable!

Our Baby Boxes are 100% recyclable and are made of one piece of cardboard, ensuring it is extremely strong when fully assembled.

…sustainably sourced!

The cardboard used in our Baby Boxes has FSC accreditation with a Chain of Custody Certificate: this shows our continued commitment to the environment and responsible forest management.​ A Chain of Custody Certificate gives the end user the comfort of knowing that the end product comes from a well-managed, sustainable forest which protects long term timber supplies as well as the environment and the people and communities that depend on the forest for their livelihood.


Our current Baby boxes are white with a spray of silver stars and the ink used is water based and no toxins are used in the ink process. No glues are used either.


The most beneficial material of our Baby Box is the cardboard that it is made of, making it the most organic made baby bed in the UK market.


We are also working with the BSI (British Standards Institute) to create the first ever standard for a Baby Box. Current standards specifying safety requirements and testing of cribs and carrycots used for safe sleeping do not adequately address the characteristics and use of cardboard, requiring a separate safety standard. We hope to introduce the first ever standard by the end of 2021.

So what are you waiting for? Shop now!