We always get asked, “Who are the Mums behind the British Baby Box brand”.  Well, let us tell you about Sarah and you’ll hear from Susan next week….
Sarah Simons is part of the two-woman team behind British Baby Box. Here we find out more about her inspirations and aspirations for the brand.
What was your career background before British Baby Box? My first ever job was working at Essex Radio where my DJ name was Total S! I then worked for an investment company which is part of the Prudential Group for 20 years. I worked in multiple roles including customer services and the charities division and by the time I left I knew everyone from the cleaner to the CEO. This is something I replicate in my own business – being on first name terms with everyone in your company is a great way to bring a team together.
How did you take your lightbulb moment from startup to a growing business? Being the original British Baby Box company, we have brought the 80 year old Finnish tradition to the UK Market. By sourcing all our products in the UK we have made our company stand out. We feel very proud to be British and support British trade.
What does creating a work life balance mean to you?
I have two children and an extremely supportive husband. My husband and my girls support me massively, which allows me to achieve a great work/life balance.
What advice can you offer women who are seeking to start their own business? British Baby Box is proof that if you believe in your product and yourself, you can be successful. In our first year of trading we were in profit!
Who inspires you and why? My late brother has always inspired me, because although he sadly passed away age 32, he always remained positive, happy and lived for each day, just like I do now.
What do you hope British Baby Box will achieve in the future? We already feel very proud to be the supplier of the Scottish Baby Box , so it would be amazing to be at the forefront of delivering the Baby Box concept to the rest of the UK. Boris… I’m coming to see you!!
Sarah Simons



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