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Decorating and choosing all the bits and pieces for your new baby’s nursery is a fun and exciting part of preparing for your little one’s arrival. And let’s face it, there’s plenty to think about!  Here, we list those essential nursery items you will most definitely need plus a few things to consider along the way…

A British Baby Box

Suitable for newborns to 4 months, a replacement for the Moses Basket and the most sustainable/organic baby sleep space in the world!!  Your Baby Box comes with a luxury mattress, water proof cover and a 100% organic fitted sheet – perfect for those first few months.

A Mattress

We only provide high quality mattresses which firmly fits the Baby Box with no gaps. Our mattresses come with a water-proof cover that can machine washed.


Babies come with lots of stuff! You will need somewhere to store your baby’s clothes, nappies and everything else. You can purchase an empty Baby Box from us which is perfect for storing all these essential items and it can even be kept as a keep sake box for many years to come!

Feeding chair

Feeding your baby will be one of the most time-consuming parts of being a new parent and you will be immobile throughout, so you need to be comfy! You may wish to use a feeding chair or a normal chair with a special feeding cushion.

Creating your Baby’s Nursery On A Budget

With the cost of living rising rapidly, the only advice we have on creating your baby’s nursery on a budget, is to always ensure, whatever you buy, adheres to current British safety standards and there has been no product recall. There’s a lot of choice out there but just make sure you know where the items have come from.

Why buy a British Baby Box

Finally, our Baby Boxes and mattresses meet all British Standards, so you are in safe hands.  With the launch of our Newborn Baby Box retailing at only £20, its an offer not to be missed!


Enjoy our little one arriving!!!