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It’s that time of year again… the most popular day to give birth is Monday September 26th… Are you expecting???

We’ve posted about this before, but it’s always an exciting time of year, because Monday 26th September is the most popular day of the year to give birth. Let”s remind you why….

There Is one day each year when the most babies are born.. On average, hundreds of babies are born each minute, that’s a fact…but according to data analysed from the UK government’s live births database, that day is actually set to fall on Monday, 26th September.

Next Monday is the most popular day of the year to have a baby, with around 2,000 births expected to take place in the UK next week and it’s all thanks to couples ‘enjoying themselves’ over the Christmas and New Year period – with January 2nd thought to be the most popular time to conceive!

Yes apparently the ‘holiday season’ really gets people in the mood, with September proving the busiest for new births!!

In comparison the least number of babies are born on the 25th and 26th of December –  presumably because parents are two busy making new ones!!

The Office for National Statistics thinks there’s a much more practical explanation for the number of babies born in September…

They suggest that it’s all to do with school and parents hoping that their little ones will be the eldest in their year. What are your thoughts?

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Happy weekend everyone!

Sarah & Susan