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Its been a while since we posted a blog and we have many good reasons for this…. We have been visiting Charities & County Councils across the UK and one thing for sure is that momentum for Baby Boxes is building!!  Let me tell you about just two of our visits.


Warwickshire County Council have supported the roll out of Baby Boxes for some time now. We meet with Liss Williams, Deborah Mcgarvey and the team to discuss how we can build on what they currently offer and we are excited with the future ahead. To provide Baby Boxes is simple… you need space to store 250 Baby Boxes, Mattresses and Outer boxes (to transport the Baby Boxes) and people who are passionate to provide all babies with the best start in life. With prices starting from only £20 per Baby Box, you can use our British Baby Box design and we won’t charge you. Alternatively, for a small one off cost, you can design your own Baby Box

We met Sean Soulsby, Claire Allin and the team last week at their office in the Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary. The Childrens Foundation’s new Make a Million (MaM) fundraising campaign aims to provide all first-time parents and their newborns in the North East with a Baby Box and they are doing an incredible job!! Their passion for providing Baby Boxes is inspiring and together, we have BIG plans.  This starts with Claire organising a Steering Group to discuss how we can roll out Baby Boxes nationally. If you are passionate about Baby Boxes and would be interested in joining us (it will be a short zoom call), contact me – hello@britishbabybox.com so that your name can go on the list.

See the great work they are doing by following this link: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/childrens-foundation-baby-box-newborn-24117607,

We are living in a challenging world right now and we are delighted to see more and more people sharing their passion for Baby Boxes!!

Roll on 2023 and together, lets get Baby Boxes rolled out nationally…. All babies deserve the Its going to be a challenging but exciting 2023, so continue to support us by liking and sharing this blog!!

Happy Christmas to you all,

Sarah & Susan