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We are thrilled to announce that we have been contacted by several County Councils across the UK, each expressing their commitment to ensuring that every baby receives the best start in life. Coventry, Northampton, Durham, Richmond and Wandsworth, Rochdale, Gloucestershire, Leicester, and Oldham have all reached out to explore the introduction of Baby Boxes.

So… what are Baby Boxes, and why is momentum building? Baby Boxes are a simple yet impactful initiative aimed at promoting child welfare and supporting new parents. Our Baby Boxes are made of sturdy cardboard and can be filled with all the essentials needed.

The concept of Baby Boxes originated in Finland, where they have been distributed to new parents for several decades as part of the country’s maternity package. Over time, the practice has gained recognition for its positive impact on infant health and well-being, as well as its contribution to reducing socioeconomic disparities in early childhood outcomes.

Now, inspired by the success of this model, Councils and Charities across the UK are eager to implement their own Baby Box initiatives. Keep in touch for updates as we work closely with these councils to introduce Baby Boxes throughout their communities.

For more information about Baby Boxes, please feel free to contact us – hello@britishbabybox.com or visit our website – www.britishbabybox.com.

Sarah & Susan